I highly recommend this book in conjunction with Story Engineering. Use this to add layers and depth to character, conflict, theme, symbolism, and other important aspects of story.

A great step by step guide for pruning verbal dead-weight from your finished draft. 

        RESOURCES                      ORGANIZATIONS                       EVENTS

The Imaginative Fiction Writers' Association meets the first Thursday of every month for a critique session of members' work, and a skill building session followed by a pub gathering.

The companion book to Story Engineering. A worthwhile expansion.

The metaphorical Bible of proper story structure, by Larry Brooks. A must have for every writer's library.

Meets every Sunday for a four hour writing session. Sit with the group while working on your own project.

An annual, three day summer lecture series you won't want to miss. Over 600 writers, publishers, and agents gather to promote the craft of writing and the publication of new authors.

Simon Allain

  Fantasy writer