Simon Allain

  Fantasy writer

BOOK 1: 


Thieves' Guild Raid



Since the Shard of Time series has been my main project since 2003, I have only produced a small number of other works since then.

One is a short story called The Phoenix Princess. The rest is poetry. Some are in the style of the classical poets, while others are what you might imagine being written within the context of a fantasy novel fantasy world. I have not ventured to publish these pieces.

And where will books seven and eight go? That is a secret for now.

(Please note these books are not yet written. They are being written.)

The eight book Shard of Time series centers around the adventures of four companions—Myra, Bryan, Ket, and Sebastian—orphans who grew up together in the wild coastal city of Newhaven.

When they split up as young adults at the end of book one, books two through five follow each of them on separate adventures of revenge, love, justice, and power.

Book six reunites the trial-hardened companions in a struggle against a foe who surpasses them all.

Book one, however, centers around another villain, Sabriana, a beautiful but aging sorceress/thief, driven beyond her moral bounds by her obsession to discover the magic of youth. But what does this have to do with the children? Seemingly nothing…at first.